Sonoco, Lakeland, FL

Local Sunoco upgrades entire location to LED

The challenge

How to increase energy savings at the Sunoco at I-4 & US98 in Lakeland, Florida. The vootu survey included all their lighting, inside & out, to LED lighting.

The solution

vootu surveyed the Sunoco for energy savings through the installation of LED lighting. It was determined that vootu could retrofit all the the interior ceiling 8’  Fluorescent  Lighting, the vertical “reachin” cooler door fluorescent lighting as well as the exterior gas pump canopy lights, the 7 poles and the 8’ fluorescent tubes around the perimeter of the location.

Essentially vootu retrofitted all the lighting at the location over to our line of commercial grade vootu LED Lighting. This resulted in a project that reduced their energy usage by 65% and provided a return on their investment of 14 months! By converting the entire location (inside & out) to LED Lighting, Lakeland Sunoco benefited from a total savings of $8,990.15 annually. Download the case study.