South Point Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Casino upgrades parking lot to LED

The challenge

Eco Energy Pennsylvania surveyed the parking lot for a possible retrofit of existing fixtures. South Point had 800 watt metal halides in a rather unusual and unique fixture. Eco Energy PA recommended a 200 watt retro-kit LED Solution. The client was concerned & confused as to how the retrofit would be installed and if it would produce the light levels needed. It was suggested the client send Eco’s Corporate office in Florida a fixture & the client agreed.

The solution

Eco corporate received, retrofitted & returned the fixture within 24 hours. South Point Casino hung the fixture and were overwhelmed by the light output. Soon after, Eco Energy PA submitted an order for 198 – 200 watt LED Retro kit plates. This project reduced their usage by 75% and with the rebate provided a 16 month Return on Investment.

By converting the parking lot to LED Lighting, South Point Hotel & Casino benefited from a total savings of $54,636.15 annually.  Download the case study.