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Light emitting diodes (LED) are the light engines that deliver illumination, however, there are many components that make up a good reliable lighting source and diodes are just one. It’s easy to see the initial benefits of LED lighting over it’s inefficient legacy counterparts. LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting system on the market today but unfortunately not all LED products are built to last or even deliver noticeable energy savings making investing in a new LED lighting upgrade a risky prospect.

The good news vootu’s proven methodology CONTROLS, REDUCES & ELIMINATES 40% of energy costs.  At vootu, we are dedicated to developing high quality, commercial grade LED solutions that exceed customer expectations.  All of our LED products from tubes to High Bays are designed and engineered here in the USA by our in-house team for the American market. Our products are continually tested for performance and reliability.

As a manufacturer of LED solutions we focus on all aspects of producing commercial grade LED products. We secure third party safety testing by having Underwriters Laboratory (UL) test our products for safety. Our performance and efficacy allows our products to qualify for incentives and rebates such as Design Light Consortium (DLC) and Energy Star.

vootu is the industry best warranty leader with 7 years of success. If you want the peace of mind of knowing your LED lighting retrofit was a wise investment, let us help you accurately analyze the financial benefits our LED solutions deliver.

Why Change to LED?

  • 50% reduction in energy costs
  • Eliminate maintenance expense
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Mercury
  • No PCB in Ballast
  • Improve Light Quality
  • No Ultra violet light
  • No infra red light

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Vootu Energy Solutions/Mid-Atlantic provides commercial-grade LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting. Based in Lancaster, PA, we work with business owners, managers, maintenance supervisors, and electricians like you in the Mid-Atlantic region to provide lighting solutions to meet your lighting needs.

The benefits of LED lighting are truly remarkable: energy efficient, long-lasting, inexpensive to operate, uniform, dimmable, instant-on with no flicker, ecologically-friendly, well-performing in cold temperatures, zero UV emissions, low-voltage, durable, and more, providing value to any business.

But let’s think outside the box for a moment and call Vootu Energy Solutions/Mid-Atlantic the “profit improver” and let’s rename the LED the “profit bulb.” We understand that businesses are always thinking about the bottom line. In other words they want money and they want it now. In fact, yesterday would have been better. Imagine investing in a “profit bulb” that provides profit — assurance of high returns in a short period of time.

Vootu Energy Solutions/Mid-Atlantic understands that our partnerability will be determined by answering three questions: how much, how soon, and how sure? We named it the “profit bulb” because it is not a cost but an investment. Cost is an investment on which there is no return. Investment yields a return. The unique thing about the “profit bulb” is that it produces excellent profit in a short period of time with little risk. Give us a call at 717.669.5157. We would like to share with you how Vootu Mid-Atlantic can tailor a lighting solution to make your business more profitable, modern, and environmentally-friendly.

vootu ProductsDesigned & Engineered in the US

We carry a wide range of products for commercial use such as parking lots, parking garages, office buildings and gas stations. A sample of the vootu product line include:

  • T8 LED Tubes, 18″/2’/3’/4’/8′
  • T5 LED Tube
  • UTubes
  • LED Refrigerator Tubes
  • A19 LED Light Bulbs
  • MR16 LED Light Bulbs
  • Candle LED Light bulbs
  • Corn LED Light Bulbs
  • Retro Plates
  • High Bays
  • High Output & General Purpose Floods
  • Street Lights


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